Ball valves & Flow control valves for the automotive industry

How can we support the automotive industry?

MHA ZENTGRAF offers a wide range of suitable valve setups for different automotive industry processes. In many cases highly viscous or abrasive fluids are used which provide major challenges for valve seat materials. For those media MHA ZENTGRAF uses metallic ball seats with a specially hardened ball to ensure a long lifetime in the process.
MHA ZENTGRAF ball valves are also available with heating devices and temperature sensors in order to keep the temperature regulated during the manufacturing process. On request the valves can be specially cleaned to remove paint wetting disruptive substances (LABS-free). Equipped with actuators and limit switches our ball valves can be integrated into any automization concept.


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Ball valves for highly viscous media

MHA ZENTRGAF Ball valve for highly viscous media

Ball valves for highly viscous/abrasive media such as underbody protection or adhesives. A heating jacket protects the media from hardening.


  • Metallic sealings
  • Various heating options: electric, hydraulic
  • Automisation through drive structure

Ball valves for isocyanate

MHA ZENTRGAF Ball valve for isocyanate

Ball valves for isocyanate have a selector shaft design which prevents any contact between the medium and the surrounding air. Contact with the surrounding oxygen would cause the medium to crystallise.


  • Metallic sealings
  • Special selector shaft design
Standard ball valves

As well as individual ball valves and valves, MHA ZENTGRAF has more than 30,000 ball valves and flow control valves in stock at any given time.

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