2-way flange ball valve with DIN flange connection BKH-F

  • Material: Steel
  • PN: 40 - 320 bar
  • Available sizes: DN15 - DN25/32 (5/8" to 1")

DIN EN 1092-1 F10/40 bar

DIN EN 1092-1 F63/160 bar

DIN EN 1092-1 F250 bar

DIN EN 1092-1 F320 bar

Overall length in accordance with DIN EN 558 F1

Locking devices on request


Mounting holes

Position switches on request

Combinations on request

Detent on request

2-way ball valves with DIN connections

Download CAD Data

DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN15-F10/4040DN15MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN15-F10/40 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN15-F63/160160DN15MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN15-F63/160 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN15-F250250DN15MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN15-F250 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN15-F320320DN15MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN15-F320 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN20-F10/4040DN20MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN20-F10/40 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN20-F63/160160DN20MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN20-F63/160 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN20-F250250DN20MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN20-F250 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN20-F320320DN20MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN20-F320 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN25-F10/4040DN25MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN25-F10/40 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN25/32-F10/4040DN25MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN25/32-F10/40 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN25-F63/160160DN25MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN25-F63/160 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN25-F250250DN25MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN25-F250 Download CAD file
DIN EN 1092-1BKH-DN25-F320315DN25MHA ZENTGRAF BKH-DN25-F320 Download CAD file

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