We always welcome fresh ideas

We are convinced we can learn just as much from our employees as you can from us, so: bring your ideas to us and help bring about new ways of thinking. Are you interested in a specific position as a job starter and fulfil requirements related to a specific position? Then don’t hesitate. Apply to MHA ZENTGRAF today!

Take on responsibility step by step

A mentor and your superior help you make a successful start at MHA ZENTGRAF. You get to know the work processes and daily business of your specialist area during your initial period of adjustment to the new job, gradually taking on responsibility and becoming surer of yourself in your work. Together with your superior, you agree on objectives which you then follow under your own initiative, and on any further training which may be necessary.

Good working environment and team spirit as pillars of success

Develop your talents and skills in a young, dynamic team and be motivated by the existing team spirit. At MHA ZENTGRAF, we work together on tinkering with ideas and discussing them constructively so that we ultimately come up with the best possible result. If you find yourself floundering, someone else is bound to help you out. Shared work is not only half the work but, at the same time, double the success. Join our team and enrich it with your personality!

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Are you seeking a position as a job starter?

Browse our job vacancies or submit an unsolicited application to MHA ZENTGRAF.


Are you seeking an interesting position in the industry? Take a look at our job vacancies or submit an unsolicited application to MHA ZENTGRAF.

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