Mechanical engineering

Are you interested in the development, design and production of machinery, and in technology and mathematics?
Do you wonder how all sorts of machines and automated processes work and how they were developed?
Are you creative and bursting with ideas about how to simplify work processes through automation?
Then you have come to the right address!

Dual course of university studies in mechanical engineering at MHA ZENTGRAF in Merzig and the ASW Neunkirchen (Saarland)

Together with our Partner University of Cooperative Education (ASW Neunkirchen) and our company, you will switch between practical and theory modules, and get to know our different departments, such as research, development and design, where you will do hands-on work. You will learn how to design ball valves in 3D using the CAD software program, you will learn the bases of metal cutting, gain insights into the different production areas such as assembly and then, for example, you will assist in the development of a test bench. More exciting projects await you in which your technical creativity will know no limits.

We look forward to receiving your application!

  • Qualification for Entrance into University (equivalent of German Abitur), Technical College Entrance Qualification (equivalent of German Fachhochschulreife) or a successful master craftsman examination, further education equivalent to the master craftsman examination or three years’ professional experience following two years’ training on passing an admission test
  • Good marks in the STEM subjects
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • Technical understanding
  • Ability to work in a team, willingness to work, good motivation to learn
Duration of study

Three years

Location of Training

Merzig and Neunkirchen

Dual course of studies

In cooperation with the ASW Neunkirchen, we also offer:

→ Business engineering
→ Business administration


E-mail: info@mha-zentgraf.com
Phone: + 49 6861/7000-0


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