Ball valves for Industry 4.0

In the world of Industry 4.0 more and more processes are monitored by sensors that are able to communicate between each other to optimize processes and create higher security levels. The IO-Link system helps to connect intelligent sensors and gather multiple measurement values from single sensor.

We are sure that you already control multiple processes with IO-Link sensors but did you already think of preparing our ball valves with IO-Link ready sensors? IO-Link sensors can help to increase security level of ball valves and reduce maintenance time & cost.

If you would like to learn more about IO-Link in general feel free to visit www.io-link.com

Manual Valves with IO-Link Sensors

Not completely opened or closed valves are very often the root cause for damages at ball valves which lead to leakage and system failure. IO-Link inductive sensors not only detect a simple 1/0 signal when the valve handle reaches a certain distance to the end position. They also detect the exact distance to the ball valve cam plate. If the valve is not completely closed a failure signal can be send to the PLC.
Not completely closed ball valve

Pneumatic actuated valves with IO-Link sensor box

IO-Link sensors at pneumatic actuated ball valves can be used to predict an upcoming maintenance.
Over the time the actuation speed of ball valves could degrease due to increased torque caused by
contaminated fluids. With an IO-Link sensor box for pneumatic actuators not only the actuation angle but also actuation speed of the vavle can be monitored:

  • Better maintenance planning by predictive values
  • Less critical system failures
  • Less maintenance costs

Ball valve with IO link sensor

Less cable consumption through IO-Link Master

Multiple ball valves shall be monitored by IO-Link sensors? Reduce wiring efford by using a IO Link Master module to bundle all sensor data.

IO link master module for ball valves

Ball valves

We have been manufacturing both high-pressure ball valves and valves since 1978. Today, MHA ZENTGRAF is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector.

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