Neu: Double Safety and Bleed Valves for Hydrogen Applications

DSB Valve

DSB Valve

DSB Valve

MHA Zentgraf presents new double safety and bleed valves made of stainless steel for hydrogen applications

DSB valves are crucial for safe and efficient hydrogen applications, particularly at hydrogen refueling stations. They reliably isolate pressure systems and safely release residual pressure to minimize potential hazards. With two block valves, they prevent uncontrolled hydrogen leakage while allowing maintenance of specific areas without interrupting the operation of the entire system.

The DSB valves by MHA Zentgraf utilize the same sealing concept on the actuating shaft and fittings as the HFHK valves. This design makes them suitable for high cycling operations and compliant with the lifetime requirements according to ISO 23826. Additionally, they are ATEX certified and comply with the low emission standard DIN EN ISO 15848-1.

For the bleed connection, we offer a variety of options for different internal thread connections or even the possibility of a directly integrated needle valve. This allows you to tailor the DSB valve from MHA Zentgraf to your specific requirements and use it flexibly in your hydrogen applications.

Features of the DSB-HFKH Series

  • Sizes: DN8 (3/8"), DN13 (1/2"), DN25 (1")
  • Pressure ratings: 650 bar, 1000 bar
  • Connections: Threaded, Flanged
  • Compliance with TPED Directive (ISO 23826)
  • AED tested O-rings Materials according to ISO 11114
  • Low Emission DIN EN ISO 15848-1 certified
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU – Category IIC 2G, 3G compliant

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