Our corporate values

Getting on well together


We attach great importance to mutual respect, honesty and fairness in our dealings with one another and vis-à-vis our business partners. The main purpose of our Code of Conduct is to ensure that every employee is respected as an individual and not disadvantaged, given preferential treatment or harassed because of his or her race, ethnic origin, skin colour, nationality, gender, religion or world view, any disability, age, sexual orientation or other characteristics protected by law. We make every effort to get along well, doing our utmost to ensure a healthy and good working environment, which leads to better performance and personal satisfaction.

Diversity is important to us

MHA ZENTGRAF diversity

Our 150 employees, who come from many different countries, form a multifaceted and international community of which we are very proud. Every employee, with his or her own personal strengths and abilities, is an essential part of our dynamic team and helps us to be the modern and successful company that we are today.

Self-realisation and further development

MHA ZENTGRAF Self-realisation and further development

We create an environment that opens up personal and professional prospects for our employees, enabling them to perform excellently and produce outstanding results. We are also ready, at any time, to nurture and promote employees who ask a lot of themselves, their performance, their health and their professional and personal further development, and support them in the attainment of these goals.


MHA ZENTGRAF - Family-friendly company

Nowadays, it is increasingly important for both men and women to be given the same opportunities to combine work and family life. It is therefore very important to us that our employees should, at all stages in life, receive appropriate support from us.
Our endeavours to provide such support and our ideas were recognised when the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the regional government of the Saarland awarded us the “Family-friendly company” certificate and Saarland quality seal.
In the future too, we want to remain committed to these very important principles and develop that commitment further. In so doing, we seek the support of our employees. We welcome the many ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Our contri­bution to environ­mental protec­tion

MHA ZENTGRAFs contribution to environmental protection

Every company bears responsibility for the use of our planet’s natural resources, meaning that environmental protection and the use of existing resources is of great importance to us. That is why, already during the development of our products, we have set ourselves as permanent objectives environmentally-friendly design, technical safety and health protection.

Jobs in the Saarland

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