Peter Doganuk
Junior Account Manager

I have been working enthusiastically for the medium-sized enterprise MHA ZENTGRAF GmbH & Co. KG for five years now. It all began with my training to be an industrial clerk, with the focus on accounting.

During those two and a half years, MHA ZENTGRAF invested a lot of time in developing me personally and making me into a strong professional. I was then hired and could make up for the large amount of time invested in my training by doing my very best at work.

After a further two years, I decided on further training to become a certified accounting specialist. In this I am also being supported by MHA ZENTGRAF. Not only financially, but also thanks to the flexible working hours and the expertise my colleagues pass on to me.

I am aware that the company has already put a lot into my personal development, that that is not necessarily to be expected and I also know the risk that MHA ZENTGRAF itself is exposed to. I am therefore all the happier to be able to make an even greater contribution to the company and, in the future too, grow together with MHA ZENTGRAF.

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