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You are searching for access to working life with a wide range of different perspectives for development: MHA ZENTGRAF is just the right place for you.

We offer you comprehensive training that challenges and promotes your skills. It is our aim to prepare you very well for your career, identify your strengths and develop these. We want to assist you in your development by actively supporting you. For us, it’s not only your school performance that counts, but rather your motivation to learn, to work and to be part of a team. Join us and begin your working life with self-confidence!


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Training at MHA ZENTGRAF in Merzig

From a basic school leaving certificate up to the qualification for entrance to university – at MHA ZENTGRAF, you can find suitable occupational training: in commercial and specialised business and technical occupations. And after that, we have the right job for you – at home and abroad. From you, we expect a willingness to work, interest in the job, the ability to work in a team and very good manners. Apply now and we look forward to perhaps meeting you soon!

Dual course of university studies in the Saarland

We offer three courses of studies, which enable you not only to study theory, but also to gain sound practical knowledge with us. Immerse yourself in an exciting knowledge environment in which you can learn a lot, run projects and even manage them independently. Learn new ways of thinking, expand your knowledge of human nature and be well prepared as you start to your career. Whether business administration, mechanical engineering or business engineering, you will never be bored at MHA ZENTGRAF. Getting curious? We look forward to perhaps welcoming you soon!

Job offers

Whether training, dual studies or starting your career: MHA ZENTGRAF in the Saarland is an attractive employer.

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